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What is a Medigap Plan?

California – Medicare Supplement plans CA also known as Medigap plans are designed to fill the gaps left by traditional Medicare coverage. Medicare supplement insurance plans in California follow the federal Medicare standardized guidelines. These plans coupled with Original Medicare Parts A and Part B offer the most comprehensive coverage when compared to other types of Medicare Insurance plans in California – like Medicare Advantage.

Not that everyone will purchase a Medicare supplement plan some individual may opt for What is called a Medicare Advantage Plan offered by individual insurers. However, Medicare Supplement Plans offer better coverage, no networks of doctors or hospitals (You can see anyone who accept Medicare. But Medicare Supplement insurance is the most common plan when combining all Medicare supplement choices “A” through “N” over Medicare Advantage.

It is generally recommended that in most cases that California residents either purchase Medicare Supplement and a stand-alone Part D plan, or a Medicare Advantage plan that includes Part D.

Why do California seniors need a Medigap plan?

Medicare has 2 basic parts: Medicare Part A which is the Hospital Coverage and Medicare Part B which covers out-patient and doctors office visits. Most people will qualify for Medicare Part A at no cost because they have qualified and paid in during the years before turning 65. However, there is a premium for Part B that is also adjusted based on income. Most people will pay the basic premium of $104.90 (2016).

What is not paid or “gaps” left after Medicare pays its portion include: Deductibles for both part A and Part B, and coinsurance of generally 20%. (That means you pay 20% of the cost for most Medicare covered Medical expenses). The best way to pay for these remaining costs, which can easily add up to thousands or even 10’s of thousands of dollars under certain circumstances, is to include one of the Medicare supplemental insurance plans available in California (CA) with basic Medicare.

Medicare Supplement statistics for California

  • There were 5,000,198 Medicare beneficiaries living in California in 2012.
  • That number consisted of 13% of the total population in the state.
  • There were 1,984,531 Medicare Advantage Enrollees in 2012
  • That number represented 5% of CA State population

How does Medicare Supplement Insurance Work?

California Medigap plans can help pay the deductibles and co-insurance left over after Medicare pays its portion. However, not all plans pay everything – This is done by design to give individuals options in their Medigap coverage – This can save on the monthly Medigap premiums.

When it comes to Medigap design and coverage, only Medigap Plan F pays everything that is left over after Medicare pays it portion. Two other highly popular plans — Medigap Plan “G“ and Medigap Plan “N” – leave a few manageable costs for the insured with slightly lower premiums. (See Medigap Chart At Senior Advisors Group Website) All Medigap plans are excellent plans and allow you to see any doctor, hospital or other medical provider that accepts Medicare in the state of California – or anywhere in the country. Medigap Plan G and Medigap Plan N offer a good value proposition in California Medicare Supplements when compared to plan F, and can have up to 35% lower premiums.

Remember all Medicare Supplement plans are accepted by everyone who accepts Medicare. This is a significant difference compared to Medicare Advantage plans that typically are only accepted by doctors and hospitals that have agreed to accept each specific plan. This can be very limiting in some cases.

Medicare Supplement Plans in California also participate in what is called “cross over billing“ which basically means that Medicare coordinates there bills with your Medicare supplement plan and all balances are paid without you ever having to do anything. If you would like a free Medicare Buyers guide published by Medicare we will send you one at no cost or obligation. (Click here for Free Medicare Supplement Buyers Guide)

California Medicare Supplement Premiums

California Medicare premiums are set by each individual company even though the plans offer exactly the same insurance benefits vs other identically lettered plans. The factors that affect premiums are each companies overhead cost, claims experience, you age, gender, zip code and tobacco use along with other factors. These affect only premiums and will not affect your coverage once the policy is in place. Since you coverage is not impacted at all it is generally recommended to choose the plan that fits your budget and shop for companies with the best premiums for that plan. Fortunately we have plans from every major Medicare Supplement insurance provider in California so this will save you all the legwork. Simply fill out the quote request form to get find the lowest premiums in your area. we have already done the research and have access to all the best medicare supplement plans and premiums in your area.

Regarding Medicare plan coverage in California its important to remember that in most states including California all Medigap plans are standardized. This means a plan “F“ from California (CA)  AARP or California (CA) Humana plan “F“ offer the exact same coverage.

Quotes for Medicare supplemental Insurance – CA

Getting a quote for California Medicare supplement insurance is as easy as filling out the form on this page. California Medigap quotes – When you get your quotes for California Medicare Supplements we you will receive the best available rates for all of the quality companies offered in your area of CA. Since we do not work for any one insurance company you can expect to get unbiased direction in the plan and company that best meet your needs and budget. If you have any questions or if there is any way we can serve you please contact us.